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Lighted signs

Lighted signs are the best way to mark your business space and draw attention
of your potential clients, both during the day and during the night. They define visual identity, image and status of your company. For your needs, we design, create and install lighted signs at the desired location. While creating the signs
we use the best materials and equipment, which, in combination with our fifteen years of experience, results in your business reaching its full glow! We emphasize:

Alubond signs, 3D advertising letters, Totems, Plexiglas signs, Shaped signs.

Alubond signs are extremely elegant, stable and resistant to all weather conditions. Signs are made with LED modules, which provides for a more attractive and quality illumination. When making signs, apart from alubond, we also use composite materials, as well as aluminium. Alubond signs are used for both the outside and the inside of the business space. The minimum recommended sign’s dimension is a meter squared

Alubond signs are used for both the outside and the inside of the business space. The minimum recommended sign’s dimension is a meter squared.

For our clients, Gondor production provides complete service – design, production and hanging of signs on the
territory of Montenegro.

Creation of all kinds
of lighted signs:
* Alubond signs
* One-sided
* Double sided
* 3D letters
* Totems
* Totems for gas stations
* Led pillars
* Flex neon
* Pharmacy crosses

* alu-profile
* alubond
* led diodes
* led modules
* pixel diodes
* forex
* lexan
* wood
* plexiglass
* sheet metal

We make the totems of all sizes and dimensions, as well as provide the entire production which includes foundation excavation, concreting and provision of power supply to the desired location. The illumination on the totems is done in two ways, fluo-tubes and LED diodes.     

One-sided signs
Usually they are installed on the wall, and their production is pretty quick and simple for installation. Front side is,
in most cases, made of the cut-through alubond, and inside is metal construction with sheet metal. 

Double sided sign
Equally simple sign in regards to construction process On this type of sign, illumination is usually installed in the middle of the sign, and most of the time the led modules are used. 

Backlight – lighted signs
This kind of lighted
sign has a really discrete light and is commonly made when the letters are of bigger dimensions. The letters are made separately from the structure, and only one small part between the letters and the structure is illuminated. During construction, the most commonly used
materials are Plexiglas, inox or wood. It is an ideal solution for larger hotels and tourist complexes, both in the southern and northern parts of Montenegro. 

Do you need advertising that has an effect even at night?