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Promo materials

Promo materials as a philosophy of the brand’s development and your first advertising message. Promo products – gifts present a marketing tool that never gets old. In our vast offer, you can find: 

– promotional T-shirts – uniforms - aprons
– lighters
– mugs
– journals
– calendars
– t-shirts 
– umbrellas

– key chains
– baseball hats - caps
– roll ups
– press wall
– promo stands
– click-clack frames
– plexiglass easels
– – pencils made of various materials

Promotional T-shirts – uniforms – aprons
In any moment, in our stock we have a wide selection of shirts, aprons, T-shirts of all colors and sizes, men’s, children’s and women’s, with collar or collarless. We will enrich the selected piece of promotional textile with a caption according to your wish or with a logo. Our cotton, of top quality, is the most commonly used in hospitality industry, as uniforms, for waiters, bartenders, cooks, security. The offer of promotional textile is huge. The press we do on t-shirts is long-lasting and stable, in one or several colors. Our team of designers can create a conceptual design that will be attractive and striking.


We offer over 300 models of pencils made of wood, metal and plastic. In addition, we offer putting brand marks on them.

Promotional lighters
A promotional lighter is a very good form of presentation of your brand. We have a large number of models to offer. A print or imprint is made with pad or screen printing. The price depends on the model, quantity and technique of the printing. 

Promotional mugs
Ceramic products are an attractive form of advertising characterized by longevity. We have a large number of models to offer. With us, of course, you can do the design and printing of them.

Advertise your company or brand in a unique way with journals, which never go out of style. Apart from the journals, we also offer notebooks and planners of various dimensions and colors. Branding is done with raised seal with gold or silver print, as well as with a regular UV press.

Promotional Calendars
If you want that your advertised message lasts a year, the promotional calendar is the right thing for you. We offer, in addition to personalized wall and desktop calendars, the ability to create them according to your desires, where you can select photos as well as calendar dimensions.

Promotional umbrellas
Promotional umbrellas are highly attractive marketing-wise, if you want to send a quality message about your brand’s persistence. Promotional umbrella is the right thing for you. Branding is done on the outside and it can be in several colors. In our stock, we have a large selection of umbrellas for men and women.

Press wall – advertising wall
Press wall or advertising wall has a big scope of application when it comes to meetings and conferences. It has a good marketing message, because it is designed for easy branding. Clients often use it to for photos of guests at a reception or celebration. We offer various dimensions and sizes. The interesting aspect is that you can lease an advertising wall from us, so there is no need to buy one. It is enough that you create the wall’s appearance and print, with the support of our designers.

Promo stands
Gondor Production offers promo stands – square and rounded. The promo stands consists of an area for graphics, a work area, a transport bag, a promo flag, and two rods. They are most commonly used to promote a particular product both outdoors and indoors. They are easy to carry around and assemble. 

Promotional baseball hats – caps
The promotional baseball hats or caps have a long-lasting and striking advertising message. It is a highly sought-after advertising material, which has a wide range of application throughout the year. Gondor Production offers a wide selection of baseball hats – caps. For them, we offer branding in embroidery and in print. We do the printing service and we offer the delivery options. A detailed catalogue can be found at link.

We provide a printing service and offer the possibility of delivery. You can view the detailed catalog at the link

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