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As part of Gondor Production's marketing offer, we also offer the rental of billboards and citylights. In addition to leasing, our team of designers and copywriters can create unique design solutions, slogans and text solutions for your campaign.

We offer billboards and citylights in more than 1500 locations in all municipalities of Montenegro, as well as on all important roads and border crossings to Albania, Croatia, Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

All billboard, citylight, mega boards, big boards – double billboards, backlight surfaces that we offer, are lit 24/7 and therefore provide attractive visibility. This way of advertising is ideal as support to the media mix, which you can also find in our offer. We have billboards 4x3m, citylights 117x175cm, mega boards 10x5m and 12×5m, big boards - double billboards 8x3m and backlights 4x3m.

We offer billboards 4x3m, citylights 117x175cm, at more than 1500 surfaces in Montenegro.

Placing of advertising campaign, i.e. lease of surfaces and installation is performed on the 1st and 15th of the month. If you want to convey your advertising message to clients who are on the move, leasing of outdoor surfaces is the right choice for you. As we offer a large number of surfaces in all cities in Montenegro, we pay special attention to the most attractive roads, boulevards, roundabouts, border crossings, airports, as well as, for the summer tourist season, the coastal part from Ulcinj to Kotor. Special focus is on Podgorica, as the capital city.

We print the posters on the machines with the latest technology. We usually use blueback paper, as well as PVC and citylight paper. Quality printing improves the attractiveness of leased surfaces, which adds even more to the quality of the advertising message transmitted by the advertiser to the end user - customer.    

Gondor production performs complete outdoor advertising service – lease, design, printing, installation. Quality positioning of advertising surfaces is one of the most important segments for a successful campaign. Since we are well positioned on the whole territory of Montenegro, at any moment we are ready to meet the clients’ demands with the most attractive locations and surfaces in different dimensions. 
The novelty in our offer is also LED display monitors in Podgorica at the boulevard, in the downtown, roundabout at Delta, as well as at the entrance to Kotor. Dimensions of the LED displays are 4×3m, 5×3m and 6x3m. The duration of the advertising message, or video commercial on a display is eight seconds. In addition to broadcasting the video, you can also lease an advertising message in the form of weather forecast and exact time of the day. If you do not have a video recording, Gondor production can make one for you. Led display surfaces are in standard European formats.

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