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About us

Gondor Produkcija - Marketing and production agency founded in 2006, is one of the first and leading in the territory of Montenegro. Through a completely new but proven approach, we are engaged in providing all kinds of creative and intellectual services in the field of marketing.

From the foundation until today, we are guided by the idea that creativity, originality and wit are the most important for a good advertisement. Complete solutions and original ideas make us unique and recognizable in the world of marketing. A responsible approach to campaign implementation guarantees its success.

We have been successfully operating on the market for 16 years, and our basic postulate is responsibility. From our wide range of activities, we highlight: creation of logos, websites, management of social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Google campaigns), window branding, illuminated advertisements, large format printing, printing of flyers, posters, price lists, brochures, rental of billboards and city light surfaces, radio commercials.

As we offer a wide range of services, Gondor production creates a marketing plan for each serious client, which certainly produces results, as can be confirmed by our clients from the portfolio, which number over 400.

By combining creative solutions with a clear message, creating a quality website, internet promotion, renting radio stations, billboard campaigns, viber messages, hiring female promoters, your product - brand becomes recognizable in a very short time.

We can boast that we cooperate with over 30 media houses in Montenegro, which recognize Gondor production as a serious partner in the field of marketing and advertising. As the constant growth of our marketing activities was expressed, we also expanded our client base, which extends from France, Luxembourg, Germany, Albania, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina...

The basic five principles that clients get in Gondor production are research - creating a campaign - achieving sales - analyzing the campaign - a happy client. At the agency, we primarily work with clients who embrace modern marketing strategies with the goal of growing their product brand.

Since the company has had a constant growth in activity since 2015, we are the owners of the most read dental portal in the territory of the former Yugoslavia - Na portalu trenutno imamo preko 150 klijenata. Od 2018. proširili smo djelatnost na veleprodaju turističkih proizvoda – razglednice, tuirističke majice, Čoče ne ljuti se, naljepnice beba u autu.

Check our offer and contact us. We are ready at any time to meet your needs and wishes, creating ideal and original marketing solutions. Have your own business? Want to make it big? Our team of journalists, designers, programmers will help you with that.

Responsibility is the answer - 15 years of experience!