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Marketing Agency

18 years experience

A responsible approach characterizes the company with 18 years of experience - when working on all markets.


A good and reliable marketing agency is becoming an increasingly sought-after service in all markets. Be among the best and work with the best!


Gondor Produkcija - the best price-quality ratio on the domestic market.

web sajtovi

Web sites development

Web sites development using the latest technologies. Present your business to online users and realize the maximum potential that this type of business offers.

Digital marketing

With digital marketing, you will increase the visibility of your brand, both on social networks and search engines, as well as in the offline world. Digital marketing is the promotion and sale of products and services using online strategies.

Gondor Produkcija

Graphic design

We offer creative and innovative design solutions to make your brand stand out from the rest. The professionalism, responsibility, creativity, experience and references of our team guarantee that you will get what you want. Our goal is to make significant improvements in business for our clients.

Lighted signs

Illuminated advertising is the best way to mark your business premises and attract the attention of potential clients both during the day and at night. They define the visual identity, image and status of your company.

Gondor Produkcija
Tapete - Gondor Produkcija


Beautify the environment in which you spend time and introduce new colors to your environment! Photo wallpaper is a decorative detail that will completely change the appearance of your environment, whether it is a living room, bedroom or children's room, kitchen or office.


As part of Gondor Production's marketing offer, we also offer the rental of billboards and citylights. In addition to leasing, our team of designers and copywriters can create unique design solutions, slogans and text solutions for your campaign.

Gondor Produkcija

Store window branding

Quality window branding makes your business space recognizable and easier to locate and contributes to the improvement of your business. It gives confidence to your customers-buyers. It makes you stand out from the rest, all with the aim of successful business and recognition.

All types of printing

The best offer of printing of all types of materials. Fast, easy and quality.

Gondor Produkcija sve vrste stampe
Gondor Produkcija - promotivni materijal

Promo materials

Google advertising

Poboljšajte kvalitet, pristupačnost i vidljivost vašeg brenda ili usluga uz direktnu interakciju sa klijentima 

Marketing planning

Successful marketing planning in the conditions of the modern market presupposes the existence of a clearly defined vision and mission of the company, policy, strategic goals and tactics. 

Gondor Produkcija

Tourist products

As Montenegro is a tourist destination, Gondor Produkcija, with the help of creative people from its team, created unique tourist products on our market.

Video Production

Video and audio production are the first steps of our marketing agency. Given that fact, we approach this business segment with great care. In order to properly serve our clients, we use the most modern equipment. By using top-of-the-line equipment, you get an exceptional video full of dynamic frames with a clear marketing message.

Video Produkcija - Gondor Produkcija
Gondor Produkcija

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