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Store window branding

A quality done store window branding makes your business space recognizable and easier to locate, which contributes to promotion of your business. It instills confidence to your clients. It makes you stand out among the others, all with the aim of successful business and recognition.

* Printing of PVC window foils
* Perforated foils – ONE WAY VISION
* Sandblast foils
* Sticker cut by shape
* Graphic presentation – conceptual design
* Installation of foil

Perforated foils (one way vision)

Ideal foil for store window branding provides a certain transparency and natural light in the facility. A well-designed advertising on the perforated foil has a long-term marketing effect, as it is durable, stable and of high quality. Apart from printing on the perforated foil, we offer the entire production – design, printing and installation. 

PVC foils

PVC foils are one of the most common types of printing when talking about large formats, and they are separated into matte and shiny foils. They have a wide range of application, so we can stick them to glass, plexiglass, forex, wall, lexan. They are ideal for boutiques, restaurants, cafés..., when you want to inform the passers-by about a novelty, discount, new collection, facility that is opening soon. When it comes to making the PVC foils, we offer a complete service – design, printing and installation.

Sandblast foils

Ideal for glass
surfaces. Commonly used in offices, hair parlors, and malls. Decorating the interior of a business place with sandblast foils creates an attractive visual effect. Giving the impression of blurred glass, sandblast foils provide a significant amount of privacy. 
Foils can be cut to
shape with our cutter machines. We are available to our clients for
complete service – design, cutting to shape and installation of foils. With sandblast
foil you get a high quality visual effect, as well as additional

Tarp printing

Quite often we can hear
that tarp printing is a really attractive type of advertising, for example: facades, trucks, sport centers and halls, metal structures…. After successful printing it is necessary to put on the rings for longevity
and quicker installation at the desired location. Tarps are very resistant to bad weather.

Preparation for printing and installation: 

As for the preparation for printing itself, if you already have it, you can email it to us, but our recommendation is that you let our professional Gondor production team do all the job, so as to minimize the possibility of errors. Our team will do the measuring of the facility- surface, making the conceptual design in agreement with the client, printing on the latest printing machines, and installation at the desired place.

Do you want to decorate the window of your business premises?