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Digital marketing

With digital marketing, you will increase the visibility of your brand both on social networks and search engines, as well as in the online world. Digital marketing is the best way to promote and sell products and services, using an online strategy.

Social media marketing is your connection to clients and customers. When a potential client opens your page on a social network, the first impression should be the seriousness of the business - the connection of posts and their clear definition, spelling accuracy and a good conceptual solution. A marketing approach that paid attention to quality content, attracting a clearly defined audience, as well as a clearly defined goal of sales or advertising a specific brand, certainly gives results.

In order to properly present ourselves in the digital world, it is necessary to get to know online users, research what they do, what their habits are and what their interests are. This is very important if we want to determine your target group more easily.

We create a Facebook and Instagram advertising strategy - we find the target group. We highlight the advantage over the competition, create and design announcements, run a campaign. We optimize the campaign according to the results. We collect materials, design posts and publish interesting content on the page.

Today, Facebook and Instagram count over four million users, so it is rightly said that if you don't have a page on these social networks - it's like you don't exist! So that you can devote yourself to your business, we are here to meet you and maintain your social networks for you, from designers to copywriters - journalists. We pay for advertising on Facebook, Instagram and Google platforms.

Communication in digital marketing uses a large number of tools, from good content, through an attractive visual solution, all the way to a clear system of using colors.

In addition to advertising on social networks, Gondor production offers advertising on the Google ad platform. This type of advertising is becoming increasingly popular in Montenegro, where 80.8% of the population uses the Internet. In the world, that figure ranges from 60%. If you want to be available at all times to clients looking for your content via keywords, Google advertising is the right place for your presentation. Advertising on this network can be very attractive if you have well-created visual solutions for the Google display campaign, because your campaign can be visible on the most visited portals in the country.

What types of advertising does digital marketing involve?

  • Facebook 
  • Instagram
  • Google
  • Youtube

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