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Facebook & Instagram


Quality social media maintenance today is indispensable part of marketing campaign. Every serious business has its own social media business page. First question to ask when starting them is: do your clients use them? Given that over 80% of Internet users have their own profiles, answer to this question is self-evident. 

. Before entering the social media world, it is necessary to determine a clear advertising strategy, as well as the campaign’s goals. Social networks in business world aim to gather information about your potential clients, such as their interests, demographics, behaviors, and wishes. Target group will be completely targeted in your campaign, which provides a great advantage when introducing your brand, as well as the products, to the buyers you want to advertise to.


How to advertise on Instagram and improve business? What is it that draws the highest attention of the target? How to reach the right client?

Instagram as a globally popular social network is primarily of a visual character, with possibility to add copywriting. If you are starting or improving the existing business, you simply must follow trends and be present on Instagram platform. An obvious fact is that your business profile has to have a constant connection with audience and their interests. Also, professional dosing of social media posts is an indispensable strategic goal of each campaign. As you are getting better acquainted with your potential clients trough series of campaigns, it is becoming progressively easier to target them and show them the desired product.

We determine the marketing campaign planning at the meetings prior to its advertising, where a further strategy of raising awareness among users about your brand and product is subsequently developed. 


Do you need quality maintenance of social networks?